"Not only am I achieving levels
of athletic success I only dreamed
of in years past, but, through Jon's
guidance, I've learned to
successfully balance multisport
with other facets of
my life"
Steve Waters, Engineer

A great training plan is
worthless if it doesn't fit into
the athlete's life schedule.

That's why Hastings Elite is built on the philosophy of  considering all aspects of an athlete's life and daily schedule to create customized training plans designed to exceed goals, increase expectations and do it using the most efficient training methods based on years of honed training and racing experience at the highest levels.

From the beginner that's done some training or racing and doesn't want to spend years of trial and error trying to figure out how to reach their full potential, to the seasoned professional looking to make a breakthrough in their training and racing - Hastings Elite custom endurance coaching will get you there.


     Hastings Elite custom endurance coaching

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Hastings Elite  Custom Endurance Coaching

Hastings Elite custom endurance coaching was developed out of the passion and desire that former professional cyclist and multisport athlete, Jonathan Hastings, has for sharing his knowledge and proven methods for success in training and competition with those wanting to reach their full potential.

Through years of nutrition refinement, training and racing dissection, Jonathan has developed his methods to successfully coach his athletes to levels they thought not even attainable before joining Hastings Elite.
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