No matter the discipline or event, Hastings Elite will help you acheive success through a proven program based on what you specifically need to reach those new heights.  Your discipline will be broken down into its raw components. Whether it's strength, speed, endurance, agility or any of the other aspects that make up each discipline, Hastings Elite will provide the support, knowledge, and training plans needed to take you to those next levels.

     Hastings Elite custom endurance coaching

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Sport Specific

What's your thing? Are you a runner? Cyclist?
Swimmer? Adventure sports?

What's your distance? Sprint? Ultra?
15 minute event? 24 hour event?

Hastings Elite combines training ingenuity,
progressive systems, and results based 
explanations to create each customized 
training plan designed to your specific
requirements and your specific sport.

Contact Jonathan today for a wakeup call
to that old training regimen.
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