"I talked with Jon a year and a half ago about my dream of doing an Ironman.  The only complication was that I was in Ohio State's MBA school. I desperately needed a coach to prioritize and lead me down the right path...I've said it all along, but whatever crack Jon is on, he should sell it at a premium, because some of his workouts and plans were jaw-dropping.  He had me doing things that I never dreamed about, and this was only the training portion of the Ironman.  His race preparations were against the grain of what I'd heard, but with every race came higher expectations.  I set a goal of finishing CIT under 2hrs and 45 minutes.  I crossed the line at 2:36.  I wanted to finish the Columbus Marathon under 4 hours, I finished at 3:40.  I couldn't have asked for a better coach."   Dale M. (multiple Ironman finisher)
"...what stands out most is the personal investment you make into each one of your athletes.  You understand the science behind this sport and my improvement is a direct outcome of your program."  Carrie M.
"...I'm really looking forward to working with Jon for many years to come"  Steve W.
"...I feel like since beginning your program, my quality of life has improved.  Not only has my fitness improved, but I find myself able to take on a significant workload as a result of the mental clarity your program has offered..."     Chris A.
"Thanks Jon, you have helped me find the next level of fitness! Your understanding and appreciation of my "real world" schedule has allowed my workouts to fit into my weekly routine naturally.  With your coaching I've felt prepared for and confident about racing in events that I had not tried before.  It's nice to try something new without feeling like a novice! Now, I find myself looking forward reaching another next level. "     Rick M.

     Hastings Elite custom endurance coaching

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