If you're dealing with
reoccurring injuries,
burnout, or continued           
sub-par performances,
you need to make a
change, whether it's
switching from your current
coach or enlisting the help
of a coach for the first time. 
Hastings Elite endurance
coaching provides usable,
experience and results based 
knowledge and guidance. 
This combined with the drive and
desire you have to achieve your
best, is the perfect success reciepe

Hastings Elite specializes in coaching athletes that have had some experience in either training or racing on their own, or have worked with a coach previously and either surpassed that coach's experience or knowledge level or has not experienced proper gains or improvements based on the training they have been doing.

     Hastings Elite custom endurance coaching

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National champions, pr's, course records, local, national and world championship podiums, All Americans and much more.  Male and female, age group and professional -  they've gotten to the top of their game with Hastings Elite. 

Enlisting the help of a knowledgable coach can advance an athlete's results and performances literally by years ahead of where they would have been if they had to otherwise 'figure it out' through trial and error or sift through all the 'free' and often times bad advice found on so many forums these days.
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